Saturday, December 5, 2020

Donna McDowell

 OK, here's another one that I missed.  I guess my head isn't on too straight right now.  This is from Donna McDowell.  She didn't include any pictures.

Lynne, thank you for a great job with the reunion book.  I have not contributed any info thus far, but I love reading what everyone is doing.  I have been married to my wonderful husband, Scott, since 1973.  We have two daughters and one son.  All are married and have children of their own.  The oldest grandchild is 18 years and the youngest is 3 years.  The current love of my life is our small black poodle named Peaches.  We got her from the animal shelter about five years ago.  She is a wonderful companion, playmate, and is willing to take long walks anywhere.  Since she weighs only 15 pounds, she gets carried a lot.  Thank you again.  Donna McDowell Paist

Thursday, November 26, 2020

Sorry I Missed These, Denny

 Denny Johnson sent me 3 pictures of his fantastic artwork for the 57th Reunion.  Somehow, I missed them and they didn't get posted. 

So here they are - better late than never!  Sorry about the mix-up, Denny.

These are Denny's dogs Hattie Rose and Mona Leigh

Some geese who roamed onto Denny's property

This was sold by Denny at an on-line exhibit recently

Saturday, November 7, 2020

57th "Virtual" Reunion

 2020 has been one hell of a year. The annual reunion had to be put aside because of Covid and the restrictions that caused.  Damn Covid!

But, instead of a physical get together, I came up with the idea of a "virtual" reunion so we could still stay in touch. I reached out to the class to send me pictures and stories. Unfortunately, not too many responded. But that's OK. I have posted the things that were sent to me. I appreciate the time you all took to get things together for me.

But next year - 2021 - God willing, we'll be back together again for #58. And what a grand time we will all have!

Until then, please stay safe! Covid is not a hoax. It is real and not pretty. Wear your masks, wash your hands, and keep your social distance.

Now read and enjoy! And ignore any typos!

Lynne and Jim McGhee


UMHS, probably around 60 years ago...

Jimmy and I dated off and on in high school.  I was crazy about him - he didn't feel quite the same.  Oh well.  Those were the days when girls couldn't be the aggressors, so he never knew just how I felt.  After graduation, he went his way, I went mine.

Jimmy met a girl, got engaged, went in the Navy for two years, came home, and got married in 1968.  He had joined the Willow Grove Fire Company while still in high school, and continued his service to them for many years. He had various jobs, including a tour bus driver for Hagy and later formed his own lawn care service.  He wound up back at Upper Moreland School District, retiring in 2010 as the Transportation Manager for all the UM schools.  He and Valerie had two children, Scott and Heather, who presented them with four grandchildren - Ryan, Kaitie, Alyssa, and Melanie.  Valerie died suddenly in early 2013.

As for me, I flitted around, dancing in clubs with my shiny white go-go boots.  I put the boots away in 1970 when I married Dominic, a salesman/musician from Ambler.  We had two daughters, Susan and Donna.  We moved to Northern Kentucky in 1977, and a few years later moved again to the Atlanta area.  I went back to school and became a Registered Nurse in 1995.  I became a grandmother in 1990 to Shelby and again in 1996 to Ashlie.  My marriage wasn't the best, and we divorced in early 2014.

Jimmy and I met again at the 50th reunion in October 2013.  We both felt little sparks, but attributed them to remembering old feelings from high school.  

I flew up to Philly in January 2014 to scout out a location for the 51st reunion and spent much of the weekend with Jimmy.  Those sparks started again, and by the time the reunion came around in May, they were ignited into a full fledged fire. 


The fire continued to burn brightly and in March 2015, I moved up to Philly so we could be together full time.  We moved into our home in July of that year.  And finally, on July 22, 2018, we made it official.  Hello, Mr. and Mrs. McGhee!

Life hasn't been too easy.  Jimmy was diagnosed with Parkinson's in 2009.  His condition progressed slowly until April 2019 when Mr. Parkinson threw a big punch and knocked the hell out of him.  And if that weren't enough, he contracted Covid in August 2020.  Although he fought as hard as he could and had the best possible medical and nursing care, this was just too hard for him.  He passed away on September 15, 2020. Jimmy had a well-deserved military funeral and was interred at a National Cemetery.

But the story of Mr. and Mrs. McGhee didn't end with Jimmy's death.  We vowed to each other to love forever - that was our "special" word.  I know my love for him will continue forever, and I am certain that his love for me continues even now.

Carole Lehman


After graduating UMHS, I spent a summer working for my sister in Ocean City, NJ, and then headed to Adelphi University, four of the best years of my life - President of my class to President of the SA, recognized for my choreography, May Court, Homecoming Court and Lantern Honor and Service Honorary. I got an assistantship to start my masters at George Washington University, but did not like it so I transferred to UNC at Greensboro where I received an MFA in 1969. Started the Dance Department at Delta State University in Mississippi and then moved back to NC to marry John Lindsey. Started the City Arts Program for the Greensboro Parks and Recreation Department which became the largest public arts program through P&R in the country in the 80's. Just after our second anniversary, my husband John went to Ocracoke Island with a friend to celebrate getting his PhD in Psychology while I was opening the summer stock theater. He was pulled out in a riptide and I lost him, he was only 25. I liked my job so I stayed with it, developing the program which grew to 11 full time and over 100 part time employees. To celebrate the Bicentennial, I founded and directed the Razz-Ma-Tazz Musical Review Company which presented original musical revues developed by my music director and myself. We toured NC every year and in 1978 we started a major tour every year. Over its 25 year existence, we did 7 European tours, and we did tours of the Southeast, Northeast, West, Eastern and Western Canada, Alaska, Hawaii, Fiji, Australia and New Zealand. I met Chip, my husband, in 1985 when he auditioned to play bass for our revue. In addition to being a talented musician (guitar, bass, sax and others), Chip spent his working years as an engineer, We married in 1987, and 10 months later at the age of 41 I had my first child, Dianna. Gregory came along 2 1/2 years later when I was 44. In 1968 I was diagnosed with state 3 lung cancer. I am blessed that I made it through that and have been cancer free for 22 years now. I retired from the city in 2002 and went to UNCG to become the program administrator for the Women's and Gender Studies Program. I was there for the next 10 years. Since retiring from UNCG, I have volunteered on boards (Relay for Life, Hospital Volunteer Program, Friends of Women's and Gender Studies, and the Greensboro Ballet. I also layout, edit and write articles for our neighborhood newsletter (4 times a year, 28 pages for print and web). I am a timer for swim meets at the Greensboro Aquatic Center, one of the premier swim complexes in the US. I volunteer for admitting at Wesley Long Hospital and I knot chemo caps for the cancer center and also warm hats for the Homeless Day Center (hundreds of hats since 2014). And finally, we travel, a lot, over 70 cruises in my lifetime, plus visits to our kids including Norway where my daughter is a PhD fellow at the University of Science and Technology in Trondheim. Her research is in bi-lingual acquisition. My son is moving back to NC. He is a luthier (Lynne's note here - so you don't have to look up luthier - it's a maker of stringed instruments). Life is never dull!!

Carole and Chip on a cruise

Carole, Chip, Dianna and Gregory

Scott Brear

 Here's me in a nutshell:

1.    After graduation from Penn State, I went to Mission Control in NASA near Houston as a nerd engineer supporting Philco Ford's contract to build, maintain, add to the Mission Control for the Apollo Missions. Just a nerd, but it was quite a thrill to be assigned there especially during Apollo 11!

2.    I then moved to California where I was involved in several High Tech telecommunications ventures for about 4 years.

3.    Went to law school at night and became a California attorney.

4.    Stayed in high tech...was assigned a marketing and sales job in 1980 working for Storage Technology Corporation, first at HQ in Colorado, then London, England, as Europe, Africa and Middle East Sales Director. Remained in England for 5 years.

5.    Then I was hired by Price Waterhouse to manage their high tech consulting practice based in Hong Kong. During the next 10 years I was involved with a number of high tech start-ups who wanted to open offices in the Asia-Pacific Region.

6.    When Hong Kong was handed back to China in 1997, I finally returned to the USA working for several high tech companies in the San Francisco area.

7.    When the DOT.COM bubble burs, I became a stock broker for Morgan Stanley for a couple of years; then in about 2008 I relocated to Shasta County California where I opened up my first law practice (that was the plan when high tech burst).

8.    Since 2008, I have been practicing family law and probate law in the northern counties of California. I enjoy it greatly...very satisfying to help people with their issues at the grass roots level versus being involved with high tech and corporate politics.

9.    Our home was burned down in the Carr Fire of 2018 in Redding, California, so we moved to a beautiful area in Nevada County, California. The nearest town is Grass Valley, 30 or so miles north of Sacramento.

Chidren:  Sebastian, 21, who is now finishing electrical engineering at University of California.

Samantha, 33, who has a BS and MBA, now work for a county government in the SE as an emergency preparedness consultant.

My wife, Linda (not my first I am sorry to admit) is a retired nurse teaching at the local community college.

My hobbies include private pilot, scuba diving, antique map collecting, ocean sailing. I have been on several ocean voyages in Asia and in North America in various boats I owned.

Best wishes!

Anna Daeche


I was accepted to Westminster Choir College in Princeton, NJ in the bachelor of music education degree program. I graduated in May 1967 and went to teach music in the public school district of Piscataway, NJ. I was there for 7 years. My husband also graduated from Westminster and, as it happened, came to teach in the Piscataway school district.

We married in August 1974 and moved to San Clemente, CA. There my husband became principal of a small Christian school and I taught private music lessons while raising our 3 daughters. Over the years I took additional classes, and later on became a classroom teacher in Christian schools.

All through our marriage we have been involved with music in some way, participating in church and small group ensembles. Our children sing and enjoy music too.

After 16 years our Christian school closed because of economics and location. At that time my husband became director of Music and Worship at San Clemente Presbyterian church, I taught at another Christian school fairly close by and our daughters attended there as well. After many years at the San Clemente church we left and have been at Good Shepherd Presbyterian church in Los Alamitos ever since.

We both have been nominated to Who's Who in America, and I have been nominated to Who's Who of American Women. Neither of us ever expected these honors, but feel blessed to be included.

Both of us are still working part time at this time. I have retired from teaching, but am working at a Developmental Optometrist's office. She not only checks eyes for vision, but checks for other aspects of vision, such as are the eyes tracking together and working as a team, etc. She has a Vision Therapy aspect to her office, and I am one of the vision therapists. It has been fun learning new things, and still getting to work with students one on one to help them with their vision that will help them learn better and more effectively.

We have 3 grandchildren - 2 boys and 1 girl.

We are looking at retiring in the near future, and with that we are looking at making a change in location. Our married daughter lives in Oregon. Since we are the only family we have out here - all of our family is primarily back East, South, or Midwest - those of us still in California are considering relocating so we can be closer together.

I think this catches you up to some degree. I hope you all have had happy and healthy lives. Naturally, no life with without its ups and downs, but with love and faith at the source, we can meet the challenges that come our way.

Anna (Daeche) Abell

Hobart (Hobie) Pillsbury

Hobie and Rita with our own Hank Roach on the left

 Here's my 57 years since high school graduation in 57 words:

One wonderful wife - Rita (UMHS '62); 3 great kids - Morgan, Christine, Elizabeth, 4 grandkids - Nicholas, Elena, Isabelle, Gabriel; 20 moves including Germany, Vietnam, Korea; 7 college degrees including West Point, Harvard, George Washington University; 4 careers - Army officer, college professor, papermaker, corporate geek; 3 retirement activities - square dancing, photography, bridge; 3 pandemic pasttimes - philately, genealogy, reading.

(That's 382 characters and EXACTLY 57 words) And a few pictures:

John Howarth

 I have been married to my wife Bonnie for 49 happy years. We have a son Pete and a daughter Katie. Also a granddaughter Kayla and a grandson Jake.

I made a living being a personal painter to 26 multi-millionaires and one billionaire. Most of them treated me like family.

I have been a board member of the Roslyn Boys and Girls Club for 39 years. Coaching baseball and soccer.  The club building went down in a flood in 1997. I spent a year of my spare time to rebuild it bigger and better.

I also helped to design and finance the Abington War Memorial Park. I started the Roslyn Business Association, Community Day, and Roslyn Car Show. I like to stay busy!

Stay happy and healthy!

Bonnie Mills


I have lived in Pennsylvania my entire life.  I earned a BA in French from Lebanon Valley College and an MA in French from Millersville University. For over 40 years I taught the French language and culture to all ages. After my schooling, I moved from Montgomery County to Bucks County, where I still live. While married, I taught, raised our son and traveled. My son Doug is a professional musician who majored in Piano and Recording Technology at Ithaca College. He has released two albums under the name "Rausch."

For the last ten years I have been delving into my family's genealogy. In addition to the historical records, I have located a few living relatives. It was a surprise to learn that one of my second cousins was in the same second grade class with me at the old UMHS. Our teacher was Mrs. Krewson.

I also learned that the farm of an ancestor is now buried at the bottom of Lake Galena in Peace Valley Park, Bucks County. He and a neighbor discovered lead ore, known as galena, on their property. Thus they named the area New Galena.

Since my childhood, our family has enjoyed the New Jersey shore. We still spend time at the Somers Point home which belonged to my great grandmother.

About nine years ago I met a wonderful gentleman. Tom belonged to the same contra dance group that I attended. We have been together ever since. He is also a pianist, practicing multiple hours each day. We enjoy socializing with friends and family,

We also love to travel both home and abroad. While we have visited his college roommate in France, one of my friends in Italy, and numerous sites in the U.S., our present goal is to visit each county in Pennsylvania. We have been delayed by the current situation, but we hope to visit the last few on our list before too long!

I have enjoyed catching up with classmates at our reunions. Let's hope we can again gather in person next year.

Bonnie and son Doug

Second grade class at old UMHS

How many can you recognize?

Tina Hollingsworth and John McDonald

 Greetings to the Class of '63!

It certainly has been quite a year.  We hope everyone is staying healthy and managing to stay sane during the quarantine.

We have been well and staying home a lot but keeping each other company with lots of love and laughter.

For those of you who have not been in touch during the reunions since our 50th in 2013:

At our 51st reunion, we had a conversation and realized we had a connection from 10th grade!! Tina kept a diary for years and that diary confirmed that we had indeed dated in 10th grade! At the time, Tina lived in Rehoboth Beach, DE and John lived in Bethlehem. Tina left the beach (crazy girl) and joined John in Bethlehem in 2015. So here we are in Bethlehem sharing our lives and planning a wedding!

John is still working as a realtor in the Lehigh Valley and Tina is a retired Rehoboth Beach realtor. John has three sons and two granddaughters. Tina has one daughter and two grandsons.

We hope next year is a better one and we can all meet again in person!


Tina Hollingsworth and John McDonald

Joyce Argue


Hi All!!

I hope this letter finds you all happy & healthy!

I worked as a beautician for 47 years in our own shop, retired 8 years ago, and now live in a retirement community. Being retired is great! It allows me to spend more time with my family & friends. The summers are really special here at the Jersey Shore. I get to enjoy boating and camping with family & friends. The rest of my spare time is spent with my church and the Woman's Club.

I am blessed with good health & more importantly my family, whom all live near me and we get to spend precious time together. God has truly blessed me. I have a family dinner each week for all my kids and grandchildren. I have five grandchildren...Kyle (22) who is an HVAC Apprentice, Mackenzie (21) student at Stockton University, Kody (18) student at Ocean County College, Jake (18) student at West Virginia University, and Kian (18) student at Northumbria University, England.

This group photo says it family is my greatest blessing. Hope to see everyone next year. Stay safe and stay well.


Joyce Argue Huffert

Bob Schaeffer

After graduation from Upper Moreland, I spent six years in college at Northeastern University. In 1969, I was drafter and served as Training and Operations NCO for the army artillery battery in Berlin, Germany. Upon discharge from the Army, I worked for General Mills in various positions from Sales Rep to National Sales Manager for the Foodservice Division. In 1985, I went to work for Continental Mills. I retired from Continental Mills in 1999 as Vice President of the Foodservice Division and a member of the Board of Directors.

I was married in 1976. My wife, Sandy, entered the computer industry early. She served in numerous positions with several national companies. She started as Training Director for a start up company in Boston and retired as a Program Manager for Hewlett Packard in California.

Our careers took us to many locations around the country. We lived in Boston, New York, San Francisco, Seattle and Lake Tahoe prior to building a house and retiring to Hilton Head Island, SC.

We are health and enjoying retirement. We have been active sailors and skiers for about 45 years. We sail our boat from Hilton Head to the Bahamas or Florida Keys each year for April and May, and to the Chesapeake Bay for September and October. We also ski at Lake Tahoe for a month each winter.

Very best wishes,

Bob Schaeffer

Donna Stricklin

Donna Rae, born in Scranton, PA on June 20, 1945, was the daughter of William Rae Stricklin and Mary Atapovich. They lived in post war housing in Northeast, PA, and moved to Willow Grove in 1955.

Donna Rae graduated UMHS in 1963 and graduated from Pierce Junior College un 1965. She worked at McNeil Labs in Ft. Washington in the International Division until 1968. She was also a legal secretary for 30 years in New Jersey in various law firms.

She married Frank Mazza in 1968 and moved to Caldwell, NJ where they were residents for 53 years. Donna Rae is a member of the DAR, loves gardening, tennis, sewing and quilting. She and Frank traveled to 5 continents during their 53 year marriage. Frank died at home in October 2019 after a long illness.

In 1996, Donna Rae became a professional senior model with 5 agencies in New York City, New Jersey, and Connecticut including Ford, Meredith, and a spokesman for senior products on QVC for 20 years. She now enjoys semi retirement in Caldwell.

Charles Guenzel

Peggy (UMHS '64) and I celebrated our 50th wedding anniversary in December 2018 at the Washington Crossing Inn with our children and grandchildren. My how time flies, especially when life is filled with good times!

I celebrated the 50th anniversary of my Alive Day last September, and am grateful for the love and care of family and friends. Peggy has been my unrelenting care-giver all these years. Also the VA Prosthetic Department has been very responsive to my physical and medical needs.

Our daughters Jennifer and Melissa have given us three terrific grandchildren. Becca, now a senior at Elon University (NC); Andrew, a freshman at Duquesne University; and Ben, a very energetic high school sophomore - all three active in Music and the Arts.

Peg and I are still enjoying our vacation home in Williamsburg, VA. I retired in 2006 after 32 terrific years with NJJDOT in Highway Design. Peg also retired as church organist and handbell choir director.

We often think back to the days at good old UMHS...with a smile of course! 

Be well and stay safe!

NOTE FROM ME:  I was not familiar with Alive Day, so I asked Charlie exactly what it meant.  I got the following from him:

Regarding the "Alive Day" is the anniversary date of when a veteran almost lost his/her life in combat. I think it's only within the last 10 or 15 years that it has been referred to as a day of special individual remembrance.

My recollection of the land mind "experience" will always include the speedy response of the Medical Team who happened to be behind us in the convoy, and the call for a Med-evac chopper which arrived within five minutes. It flew me to Danang Naval Hospital, only 7 miles away. From then on it was an uphill battle, but all turned out well in the end. Of course, I wouldn't be alive today if it wasn't for the amazing actions of my fellow veterans! And I owe so much to my lovely an very patient wife Peggy!

ME AGAIN. Charlie, I am sure I can speak for the entire class in thanking you for your service to our country and your great sacrifice. As, I am sure, we thank all of our veterans.

Sam Paone


My dad was born November 27, 1898. Salvatore Paone was an Italian immigrant from Maida, Italy. He spoke little to no English. He was instrumental in my getting into the construction business, One very important thing he taught me was work ethic. Upon arrival in the US, he was a stonemason and one of 100 artisans who built the St. Charles Seminary in Villanova, PA. As time went on he found his way with help from local contractors to find work. I would go on the job as a youngster and watch him cut and lay stone. He then taught me to fill the joints of the stone with mortar and his quote "Be sure to never get cement on the face of the stone" spoken in Italian of course. At the age of 7 I learned to understand the hard work and hours he put in in a day At 10 years old, my dad speaking Italian told me that "When you grow up, you will have to buy a job." I asked him "Dad, where will I get the money?" His response was "That's what you have to think about." From that day on, I thought of every way I could make money. I would find two cent bottle returns, cut lawns, got a paper route, worked at Willow Grove Park, and found jobs in the towns' stores (A&P, Dial Shoe Store), and eventually at 15 got working papers and a job as a carpenter apprentice. The family never had much as my dad's business was not much in demand. He just about made ends meet, but we always had food on the table. He made gardens of vegetables every spring and raised chickens, and of course I had to get the eggs in the morning from the angry chickens. It was common to jar peaches and tomatoes and more, and not to leave out raise grapes and make wine. A beautiful little man with a big proud smile, he always spoke positive and proud. He gave me his smile, his work ethic, and determination to succeed. I can tell you so many stories that were lessons that I will never forget. A warm. loving true gentleman. He was number one in my life for the learning and loving process.

Next, the most important and memorable time in my life was as a senior in high school.  October 2, 1962, morning, I prepared to go to school when on the kitchen table was a pile of bills that my dad had put out for me to see. He said "Junio, where is your savings book?" Savings I put away from all the little jobs starting when I was 10 years old.  My little treasure.  My dad said "You have to pay these bills or we will lose everything." So I said "I will pay them when I get home from school." He said "Junio, you're done with school. I need your help." He had been sick for 2 years and too weak to work.  So at 17 years old, as a student of Upper Moreland High School, that was the start of my life as an adult. A quote from dad "Son, there are just so many engines and many box cars. You have to be an engine." remained in my mind all my life. Thankful for the privilege to have been poor.  Everyday a new challenge. Peaceful and calm and close to God. I ended up taking care of my parents for the rest of their lives.

I went to work for a local home builder for whom my older brother worked. My brother Frank taught me all the tricks of the trade as a carpenter and was the second most important person in my adult life. He taught me the importance of quality, production and timing of the construction business. I continued working for the company and with my brother until I met the man who changed my life. His experience in the carpentry business was so valuable to me for the success of my future.

The next person was my very special friend, employer and mentor, Dominic La'Rosa, born November 10, 1932 and also was another Upper Moreland school student, As I, he started his business at age 19. He started as a carpenter as a young man. He went on to become a very successful home builder of many homes. Proud to say, we were known as the Willow Grove boys who done good. He also had parents who were immigrants. His father a shoemaker and a family who understood how to live a life to not have had. Again, Dominic worked to keep his family's food on the table. Everything that happened between us was so similar. I started working for him at age 18. After 8 months as his employee, he asked if I would be interested in going into my own carpentry business. I started working as a carpenter contractor and framing his houses. He handed me the American Dream. We became working, golfing, traveling and brothers forever. He knew the background of my life and helped me along the way Dominic La'Rosa was a much loved individual by many. He will always be my mentor and friend.

As I continued working as a carpenter contractor, yet another wonderful man came into my life. I was driving a 1953 Chevy with the back seat torn out. It served as my truck. So I went to the bank and met Perch Hankin who owned the Bank of Old York Road in Willow Grove. I asked him if I could borrow money to buy a pick up truck. He asked me one simple question - "Are you going to pay me back?" I said of course and told him what I was doing in my business. I explained my direction to buy land and build houses. It didn't take long before I went to him to borrow for land purchase and to build the first house of my career. From that point on, he loaned me millions on a hand shake. Once again, without the good people like Mr. Hankin I would not have achieved my dream to become a home builder and developer of home sites. Building roads for home subdivisions. Continuing meeting special people like Bob White who also helped with my banking experience. He spent the next 40 years working with me and always with the support of his bank contributed to my dream.

At the very beginning, my first house sale occurred when I found a little house that needed repair. I purchased the property for $8600. During my weekends and nights, I made a little dream house out of a house that was in deplorable condition. When finished I put the house on the market and sold it within one year for $13,500. I made a profit enough to purchase a vacant lot and built a house, A career beginning, sold my first new house. Went on to buy two lots, built and sold those. The excitement of building homes for families was my ultimate reason to wake up in the morning. All with the help of Mr. Perch and Mr. White, and the process didn't stop to the point of building thousands in my career. An American Dream coming from a privilege to not have had. Many hours of hard work, great people, following my gut instinct. I listened to a quote in my head that I once heard, "Treat people as you would want your mother to be treated." It fed to my success. Another quote I always pass on to everyone, "On time is late, early is on time, and late is unacceptable."

Here I am in the year of 2020 and reading back about my dad telling at 10 years old his quote "When you grow up you have to buy a job." All my little jobs, I put money in my little blue book from Old York Road Bank. That day I came down to my dad with the bills unpaid. I left school, as I said earlier. I paid and took care of my parents for the rest of their lives. February of 2019 a wonderful thing happened. I received a call from Bud DeLaurentis who had been an assistant principal but later became principal of Upper Moreland High School. He starts the call with "Your name keeps coming up with the Alumni at school. They feel as you have become successful as a builder/developer, they would like to put you on the Hall of Fame at the high school." I became emotional as he spoke. I told him I felt honored, however I did not graduate. He said that the superintendent of schools was going to have me graduate in June with the Class of 2019. I could not believe this was happening, It did happen and in October I was honored with the Hall of Fame presentation. It was one of the most exciting years of my life. Once again, Mr. DeLaurentis, another wonderful person who remembered me.

A very interesting part of my life. While working and taking care of my mom and dad, my brother Leonard said to me "Hey brother, you should join the Navy Reserves. If you want to be home to take care of Mom, you better join. We are in a war and if they draft you, they will send you into the Army." Sure enough, I did what he said. I joined and I was able to work and only do bi-monthly meetings. I started with basic training for 6 weeks in the Great Lakes. Unit meetings, went to the meetings and did maneuvers for 2 summers on different vessels for a couple of weeks. I was in for 4 years and fortunately was not called for active duty. I was able to continue my work and build my carpentry business. Then the shocker came in the mail. It was a heated time in Vietnam and I was being told I was getting drafted into the Army. I told them when I reported that I had already done my service time with the Navy Reserves. The asked me for my 214 discharge papers. I told them I hadn't received the document yet. They said to get a copy quickly as were being shipped to basic training in Fort Jackson, South Carolina, in 2 weeks. I made my request by mail and phone but did not receive my honorable discharge paper. Could not believe, 2 weeks later I was in the Army and did report for basic training. Well, my family and I could not believe what was happening. I made an appointment through my company captain to explain to my commanding officer my situation. He said he would look into it and let me know. Well, 2 months later, we all get new orders to report to our next destination which ended up in Fort Lee, Virginia. Fortunately we were in ranks and the company commander Captain Kinne asked the entire company if anyone knew how to type. He said he needed a company clerk to work in the CO's office. That's when I knew God was looking out for me, and yes, I became the company clerk. Typed all of the CO's letters and I did explain my situation being in the Navy Reserves. He understood and was very sensitive to my situation. I, of course, kept trying to make contact to get my discharge papers. Another 2 months goes by and another set of orders comes through. We were being shipped to Oakland, California, and then to Vietnam. We were a petroleum support company, so we would be stationed outside of the war zones. At this point inn my life, I had to accept there were no Navy discharge papers coming through. We all went home for our 16 day leave with our families and then report back for our departure. Once again our Lord stepped in as I got a phone call from Master Sargent Fuller on the 9th day of the 16 day leave. He said to me "What the "F" are you doing in the Army? I have your Navy discharge papers in my hand. Get your butt down here and go home." It was a difficult time after making so many friends to leave them at this crucial time. I stayed in touch and the entire company did all return back home. I was so thankful they were all safe. Many many prayers from my family sure did work.

My first development of 32 hours in 1968 was an experience. I met a neighbor a mile down the street on Davisville Road in Warminster. Bob Toll of Toll Brothers was also building his first housing construction project as well. A national home builder today, I had a wonderful chance to meet a fine gentleman. We over the years have always kept in touch with each other. There were times when Bob has bought land from me. This one particular time I owned a 4 acre parcel in the middle of a large farm that I thought I was going to buy. Bob wanted to buy this farm. Bob called me and said, "Sally, how much do you want for that little piece that's keeping me from buying this farm?" I had bought the small parcel from a resident years before who lived in the middle of that farm. Bob said "I know that your little piece is a key parcel to the entire job, so please tell me how much you want for your parcel." I told Bob I was going to think about its value. So I came up with a thought that would make my family happy. I told Bob that I would want a beach front house in Avalon in exchange for the 4 acres in Upper Dublin. He said "Go find it and let me know." Sure enough, he kept his word and we were blessed with a beautiful home on the beach in Avalon. 

The dream doesn't stop. So lucky to be married and with my bride Mary Catherine for 35 years with happiness and love every step of the way. The excitement of going home to my friend and lover is so wonderful to have every day. Having had 4 children - Maria, Lisa, Sal John and Crystal - and all of them loving Catherine and she loving them is a blessing. Sam and Dominic born to Catherine and me added to the most wonderful family I could ever have. The friendship beside being family with all my children makes my world even more full of love. All my children have a strong work ethic and a passion for family. My #1, Maria worked for 15 years for NBC and now is marketing for the Al Roker Companies. Maria has 2 boys, Sean and Chase, and is a great mom and is life partnered with Patrick Schneider. My #2 Lisa, a nutritionist working with hospitals in the Philadelphia area. Once again a great mom, Lisa has 3 children, Robbie, TJ, and Addison. Lisa is married to Robert Foster, a wonderful father and a great husband. My #3, Sal John kind of went through the Paone work training in the construction business. Sal has 3 children, Sienna, Sebastian, and Alexander. Sal, who now runs our company, Sal Paone Builders, is married to Erin O'Hearn, successful TV commentator for ABC network and a wonderful mother. My #4 Crystal works for Scripps in Jupiter, Florida, is married to Jon Coatoam and they have 3 beautiful girls, Sophie, Isabel, and Elise. Our #5 Sam, our PR guy and realtor working for the company and married to Alexandria Ruh. My #6 Dominic, also working for the company is running our construction site and dating a lovely lady, Kelly Siewers

I pass this on to many people as a direction of my life. Try to live life as there are four seasons. Spring is when I spent my first 16 years as a child with my parents. Although most children live with their parents and under their guidance to 18 years of age and more, at least through high school, my time was cut short by 2 years because of my dad's health and the need of support. The second season is or was supposed to be Summer, to live free and find my way through life. But all I wanted to do was take care of my family and get married and raise kids. Obviously too soon. I wasn't smart enough to use my time for myself so I could learn more about life. I put Fall in place of Summer, having kids too soon, to really understand the experience of my own individual time. I chose the life of marriage too early. I didn't learn enough about, is to enjoy and love everyone and be loved.

Each day, I always start a day with what can I accomplish. Enjoy seeing, working, playing with people. Wanting to make people love me and work to prove the impossible. Teaching others and learning more of what I love. Giving and helping others to have a better life. Future wants - to feel content with myself and to see myself accomplished and continue to excel, to leave behind a successful legacy, to stay healthy and to die a peaceful and quick death, to give all my knowledge and determination to my children. I need nothing but good health, good meals and good memories. Most of all I want my children to love and respect each other, to grow and encourage friendship with one another. Smile and enjoy people and life. To learn what makes them happy is to make other people happy.

Sam and Mr. DeLaurentis at UM graduation 2019

Wedding of #6 Sammy and Alexandria

Tuesday, September 15, 2020

RIP Jim McGhee

I can't believe I had to post this.  I never, ever wanted to do this. My heart is beyond broken, it's completely crushed.

Usually I just post a picture here.  But not this time.  This is my husband.  The love of my life.  Jimmy was the most kind and caring person I ever knew.  Even though we dated in high school and went our own separate ways after graduation, I think we were destined to be together.  The timing wasn't right in 1963, but 50 years later, the stars aligned.  We only had a short time together, a little less than 7 years.  And only married for 2.  But it was the best time of my life, and I hope I made it the same for him.

I will love you forever.  Rest peacefully. 

From beginning - October 4, 2013


To End - October 9, 2020

Honey, our time was too short. But what we had was great, the very best years of my life.  Good times and not so good times - I wouldn't trade them for anything. I will love you and miss you forever.

Thursday, July 2, 2020

57th Reunion - The Missing

The Missing

Mary Frances (Camasso) Somers 
Ken Kot
Carolyn Cates 
Kathy Kropp
Lois Degan 
Ron Lovenstein
Sandra Distelrath 
Bill Meckes
Dean Hasseman 
George Miller
Karen (Keller) Worthington 
James Myers
Phyllis Kusel 
Daniel Peck
William Leas - LOCATED, thanks Jeff Hassinger for the info 
Mary Riccio
Ethel Kennedy 
John Rickards
Sally Smith

I'll update this list if/when I get more information.