Wednesday, September 16, 2020

RIP Jim McGhee

Usually I just post a picture here.  But not this time.  This is my husband.  The love of my life.  Jimmy was the most kind and caring person I ever knew.  Even though we dated in high school and went our own separate ways after graduation, I think we were destined to be together.  The timing wasn't right in 1963, but 50 years later, the stars aligned.  We only had a short time together, a little less than 7 years.  And only married for 2.  But it was the best time of my life, and I hope I made it the same for him.

I will love you forever.  Rest peacefully.  


Thursday, July 2, 2020

57th Reunion - The Missing

The Missing

Mary Frances (Camasso) Somers 
Ken Kot
Carolyn Cates 
Kathy Kropp
Lois Degan 
Ron Lovenstein
Sandra Distelrath 
Bill Meckes
Dean Hasseman 
George Miller
Karen (Keller) Worthington 
James Myers
Phyllis Kusel 
Daniel Peck
William Leas - LOCATED, thanks Jeff Hassinger for the info 
Mary Riccio
Ethel Kennedy 
John Rickards
Sally Smith

I'll update this list if/when I get more information.

57th Reunion - 2020

UMHS Class of 1963
57th Reunion

It's been 57 years since we bid farewell to UMHS as the great Class of '63. It's time for another reunion!

But wait – 2020 has gotten in the way. These first 5000 or so days of the year have been hell! Shelter-in-place, masks, gloves, social distancing, handwashing, sprays, wipes, and the toilet paper shortage – I still can't understand that one! Seriously, I hope no one has been affected by this deadly and unpredictable virus.

This has put a kink into plans to get together this fall. But I'm not going to let 2020 beat me. Here's what I would like to do to keep us connected.

I'd like EVERYONE to send me pictures. Past, present, family – whatever you would like to share. And write a little something about yourself. What have you been doing since 1963? How have major events affected your life? Anything you would like us to know.

E-mail all of this to me at and I'll put everything together and post on the blog ( If I can figure a way to do it that isn't too expensive, maybe I can put everything into some type of book that I can mail out to all.

Quite a few of us have gotten together every year since the 50th reunion. But those who haven't come to a reunion for whatever reason – we want to keep in touch with you too.

Send your pictures and stories to me by September 1. Also include your address/phone number/email address so we can be sure we have your current information. These will not be posted without your permission.

I'll post a list of those who have slipped between the cracks. If you have any information on them, send that also.

This isn't the kind of reunion we wanted to have, but in light of all that's going on, it's the safest course to follow. Next year will be better!

Wednesday, December 4, 2019

UMHS Alumni Hall of Fame

I thought I would post pictures of the Class of 63 Alumni Hall of Fame inductees all in one post.  I'm sure I speak for all of us - we are so proud of these 3 men and all they have accomplished after graduation.

From 1998 - Charles Guenzel

From 2004 - Donald Merkin

From 2019 - Sal (Sam) Paone

Thursday, October 31, 2019

2019 Alumni Hall of Fame Induction

Our own Sam Paone was inducted into the Alumni Hall of Fame on October 25.

Here's the program. I couldn't figure out how to copy the program, so you'll have to use this link to see it.

There's also a video from the induction ceremony on the Upper Moreland High School Alumni Association page on Facebook.  I think you might have to be on Facebook to watch this. Try copying and pasting the following onto your address bar.

If you look through the list of inductees from former years, you'll see Charles Guenzel and Don Merkin.

Charles Guenzel, 1998 Inductee

Don Merkin, 2004 Inductee

Congratulations to all our great Hall of Famers!

Friday, October 25, 2019

Still Going Strong - Our 56th Reunion

Yes, we're still going strong.  Proved that on October 5 at Giuseppe's in Warminster for our mini-reunion celebrating 56 years.

In July, Tina, John, Jimmy and I went to check out Giuseppe's.  We liked what we saw.

And this is what we got!

The room looked really nice with the purple and gold napkins.

Lots of room for everyone

Nancy did a great job with the centerpieces, as always.

The buffet table - good food!

The beverage table - just imagine bottles of soft drinks

Nancy's son gave her a basketful of makeup to share with the ladies

Then the classmates started arriving!

The never-changing Tony Pileggi and Denny Johnson

Smiling Bill Ischinger

Bonnie Mills and Tom Goodnow - wonder when they will tie the knot?

Our newest couple - Linda Colbeck and Don Buehler.  He says they're just friends.  We'll see!

Harvey and Jean Gordon - always smiling!

Our newest "official" alumni - Sam Paone
More about Sam later in this post.

Jeff and Betty Hassinger. Even though Jeff actually graduated in '64, he's still a member of our class.  We had him longer!

Shirley (Bolmarcich) and Gary O'Hara - high school sweethearts

First time at one of our mini-reunions - Judy (Miller) and Bob Reinmiller.  So glad you joined us!

Allan Brandt - just days from retiring from PECO after 50 years!

Tina Hollingsworth and John McDonald - engaged over a year now.  Set a date!!!

Me and my sweet Jimmy! And we've been married over a year now!

 Joyce Argue and Jim Pearson - recreating a picture from the Jr. Prom

Denny and Nancy Telmosse - both cuties!

Ray Roberts in deep conversation with Tony

Lynda Wildermuth - such a sweet smile!

Now some random pictures.  You should know everyone by now. 

We brought the blown-up picture from the Washington trip.  Can you find yourself?

Joyce selling 50/50 raffle tickets.  Half back in the bank for future reunions, the other half ended up in Joyce's pocket!

Jeff thought there was something fishy about the ticket seller holding the winning ticket!

Get those cameras ready ladies!

Me, taking a picture of Bonnie...

Taking a picture of me taking her picture - you get the idea

Joyce, very serious photographer

Tina, trying to figure out which button to push


I think this says it all!

Now, you might have noticed a number of small framed paintings on the tables.  Denny brought 2 boxes full of his framed artwork, all mediums, to give out as gifts. Unfortunately, no one got a picture of the whole collection. But everyone left with one.  This is one we brought home.  Lovely work, Denny - and thank you so much for all the gifts!

Sorry for the reflection.

And I mentioned there would be more information about Sam, our newest "official" alumni.  Although we always thought of Sam as one of our class, he never had the opportunity to graduate.  He had to leave during his senior year to help his family.  But during the graduation ceremony at the high school for UMHS Class of 2019, Dr. Robert Milrod, Superintendent of Schools, announced that he was awarding an honorary diploma to Sam so that he could be inducted into the UM Alumni Hall of Fame.  Mr. DeLaurentis had the honor of presenting Sam with his diploma.  And today, October 25, Sam Paone became the newest member of the UM Alumni Hall of Fame.  Congratulations, Sam - well deserved! We are all so proud of you!

2019 Inductees - UMHS Alumni Hall of Fame

 And so ends our 56th reunion of the UMHS Class of 63.  We were - and always will be - a great class.

Like the cake says - Still Going Strong!

See you all next year!